WoW Model Viewer: Tricks and Tips


Please note: this article assumes that you already know what WoW Model Viewer (WMV) is, what it does, and why you would want to use it. Where to get WMV You can always find the most recent downloads here: Why won’t WMV run when WoW is running? Why is complaining when WMV is running? […]

Guest Post: Moosegate 2015


What follows was written by my lovely wife (@LindsayFossen on Twitter) regarding the latest news on the upcoming patch 6.2.3: There are so many opinions going around right now on the Moose mount in WoW.   I suddenly felt compelled to jump on that bandwagon and share mine.  There are many valid arguments for having the […]

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” – LFR (part 1)


Disclaimer: I don’t think LFR should be removed from the game. If this enrages or disgusts you enough that you want to post mean things in the Comments, please don’t. Actually, go ahead. I never get comments anyway, and I could use the extra page views. Now then. There has been some talk recently about […]

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