Soloing Tough Raid Bosses

Well, maybe they’re not all tough… Some are just obnoxious.

Annoying and/or Tedious

  • Spine of Deathwing
    • Does ANYONE like this fight? It’s an obnoxiously long and repetitive fight with a terrible “roll” mechanic. Here’s my basic strat:
      1. Kill all but one tentacle of the current set of four,
      2. Go stand in one of the holes left by a dead Corruption,
      3. Stay there, taking minor ticking fire damage and enduring innumerable rolls, until at least nineĀ Corrupted Bloods have spawned,
      4. Move towards the middle, kill the Bloods in a neat pile (NOT in one of the flaming pits of doom), and kill the remaining Corruption,
      5. Kite the Abomination through the pile of dead Bloods while strafing back-and-forth across Deathwing’s back to prevent rolls (you can always survive a roll by hiding in a Corruption hole, but then you have to start ALL OVER with the Bloods),
      6. Drag the ready-to-explode Amalgamation up to the front and kill it, prompting a explosion that pops up the armor plate (all while continuing the back-and-forth dance),
      7. Nuke the Burning Tendon while dancing,
      8. Repeat steps 1-7 two more times.
    • Fun, right?
  • Gothik
    • Sigh. You have to wait around for FOUR AND A HALF MINUTES between starting the fight and actually attacking Gothik. Nothing to be done about this, sadly. Go make a sandwich or something.
  • Kel’Thuzad
    • He’s just like Gothik, but with a slightly shorter waiting period. Maybe a good time for that bio break you’ve been putting off?
  • Razorgore
    • Guess what? Razorgore got “fixed” in the latest patch, so his egg-breaking ability is instant-cast AND has a very short cooldown. Enjoy!
  • Immerseus
    • Immerseus isn’t so much a boss fight as it is an exercise in frantically chasing blobs. For characters with limited mobility, this fight can take FOREVER (upwards of ten minutes on Mythic difficulty). After ten minutes, Immerseus enrages and starts doing some real damage, so my advice is to make use of any mobility enhancements you have available (for Warriors, the legendary boots and shoulders are GREAT for this).
  • Galakras
    • I hate “trash fights”. The basic strategy is:
      • Kill all mobs, ensuring that none of them hurt the NPCs,
      • Kill the mobs that try to kill your tower door engineers (Mythic only),
      • Climb the towers and kill all the mobs when the doors open,
      • Shoot down Galakras once you’ve cleared the second tower,
      • Kill Galakras.
  • Hellfire Assault
    • Another “trash fight”. Kill ALL the mobs (if any get up the ramps to the cannons, things get much more complicated), carry the ammunition crates to the cannons, and basically be in several places at once. Mobility is your friend.


  • Amber-Shaper
    1. Burn her down as quickly as possible until the Amber Monstrosity appears,
    2. Burn down the Monstrosity as quickly as possible,
    3. Chase Amber-Shaper to the middle of the room and kill her as fast as you can.
    4. If you’re too slow at any point in the process, you’ll become transformed into an amber blob-monster and will inevitably die.
  • Archimonde
  • Dark Animus
    • The issue here is the crowd of tiny adds: they buff each other when together and can easily kill you if you let them, AND they’re immune to AoE damage. The best way to deal with them is to kite them around the room while furiously single-target DPSing them until they’re not a threat; if your DPS abilities feature a lot of cast-time, you’re going to have a bad time.
  • Lei Shen
    • After the first intermission phase, the fight is dominated by literally DOZENS of obnoxious adds; luckily, they don’t hurt much. The bigger issue is that Lei Shen will try to push you off the platform in several ways, including Fusion Slash and Helm of Command (Heroic only). The key to managing both abilities is to put as much platform behind you as possible, and to use any available mobility enhancers for Helm of Command.
  • Ra-den
    • Phase One is a DPS check (especially on 25 Heroic difficulty); if you can push him into Phase Two, you’ve basically won. Try to kite him into the blue orb during the first phase, which will buy you a wee bit of time before he uses his insta-kill ability.
  • Hans’gar and Franzok
    • These chuckleheads got stealth-fixed in patch 7.2.5, which means they no longer despawn after attempting to Suplex a solo player. This mostly trivializes the fight, unless you’re trying to solo it on Mythic; those Smart Stampers are DEADLY. The trick seems to be to stay mobile and use any speed boosting mechanisms you have available.
  • The Butcher
    • This guy is a hardcore DPS check, pure and simple. You have forty seconds to kill him before he one-shots you, which means you need to do 1.64 MILLION DPS if you want to solo him on Mythic difficulty. I don’t have exact numbers for Normal and Heroic difficulty (since his health scales based on raid size), but my experience is that you need roughly 500K and 750K DPS, respectively, to kill him on those difficulties.
  • Dreamwalker Valithria
    • Luckily she is skippable (and has been for a long time), but if you want any of the loot she drops, you’ll have to find a way to heal her, even if that’s not your character’s spec. Bandages work, and Gift of the Naaru is particularly effective if you have access to it. Good luck!


  • Spirit Kings
    • Occasionally this fight will glitch when you’re trying to kill Subetai the Swift, leading to a situation where the next sub-boss doesn’t “activate” and you can’t finish the encounter. The only way to avoid this that I’ve found is to avoid killing Subetai until he has finished casting his first Volley.
  • Elegon
    • I’ve received many reports regarding the bugginess of everyone’s favorite mount-bearing celestial dragon, but I’ve only experienced one instance of it personally: sometimes, if the fight lasts long enough that you have to move to the outer edge of the arena to destroy the power pylons, they won’t deactivate after you kill them and the fight stalls. My only remedy for this is to DPS hard enough to push the phases and skip the pylon portion of the fight entirely.
  • Sunwell Plateau
    • I have personally glitched two fights here: the Eredar Twins, and M’uru. In both cases, the boss(es) failed to spawn when I got to their room, preventing further progress in the raid. The Eredar Twins bug seems to trigger if you race over to them too quickly after killing Felmyst; take a bit of time to kill the trash along the way and things should be fine. M’uru is a bit trickier: if you kill the Twins too quickly (or in the wrong order; I haven’t figured it out yet), he won’t be there. My advice is to kill the Twins very slowly, preferably with auto-attacks.
  • Madness of Deathwing
    • Every so often I run into a weird issue where the “winds” that carry you between platforms keep bouncing you around and won’t let you land. I have no idea how to prevent or remedy this, so just watch out for it.

Have any bosses or strategies you’d like to see added to the lists? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Im pretty sure you only have to do one tower now for galakras, as you can fire more than once with the one cannon.

    • Right; they hotfixed the fight a while back to make it soloable. It’s just an annoying trash fight now.

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