Ah, the Karazhan Chess Event. The bane of many a poor soul. While the randomness is annoying and Medivh’s cheating is a terrible mechanic, I’ve worked out a strategy that has yet to fail me (though of course YMMV).

Opening Moves:

  1. Move Pawn in front of King forward
  2. Move Pawn in Front of Rook forward
  3. Move Rook forward
  4. Move Pawn in front of other Rook forward
  5. Move Rook forward

At this point Medivh will be just about ready to cheat, so take control of the King and wait for the inevitable. If Medivh puts fire under your King, move him to safety as quickly as possible. Once this is done, take control of your Queen and start picking off the lesser pieces (focus on the healers if you can, or the enemy King if he happens to move into range). If your King starts taking damage, hop into a healer and keep him topped off. Always keep an eye on Medivh’s Cheat CD; if it’s almost up, consider taking control of the King in case you need to avoid fire.

Oh, and One More Thing: I ALWAYS have trouble with the mini-game action buttons (specifically, exiting whatever piece I’m controlling), so I advise disabling any action bar addons you’re using, just for this event.