Soloing Guide: Hellfire Citadel

Warrior/Plate Transmog Drops

Hellfire Assault

  • UGH. The trash fight from hell, often requiring you to be in two or three places at once. Your biggest priority is keeping mobs from attacking the cannons: if either cannon is destroyed, it’s a wipe. Use whatever movement speed-enhancing tools you have available, kill the mobs as quickly as possible, take the ammo boxes to the cannons, and you just might emerge victorious.

Iron Reaver

  • This is an incredibly easy fight to solo on both Normal and Heroic difficulties. Simply tunnel the boss, move out of the way of Barrage and Blitz (neither hurts much, but you lose a lot of DPS time if you get caught up in a Blitz), and destroy bombs if you actually take long enough to see a bomb phase.


  • Another easy fight on Normal and Heroic. I recommend starting off at either the green or purple pools; the orange one isn’t difficult, but the stun/explosion thing is annoying.

Hellfire High Council

  • Not a very difficult fight, IF you do it correctly. Start by nuking Gurtogg , making sure to pull him away from Dia Darkwhisper when she roots herself near you. This is one of the big mechanics in the fight: Dia’s proximity confers a 99% damage reduction buff (Void Haze) to the other bosses. Once Gurtogg is down, take out Blademaster Jubei’thos. Only attack Dia once Gurtogg and Blademaster are dead; if you screw up and somehow get her to 30% health with any of the other bosses still alive, you won’t be able to drop your Mark of the Necromancer, leading to a quick death.

Shadow-Lord Iskar

  • I used to think that this fight was unsoloable by warriors due to the massive amounts of incoming damage caused by the stacking DoT from the Eye of Anzu. You can’t cheat the Eye mechanic by simply not picking it up, since it pulses a nasty increasing AoE (Uncontrolled Radiance) if you try. As it turns out, I was wrong. The trick is actually very simple: wait to pick up the Eye of Anzu until after the first Shadow Escape phase (or later). This delays the onset of the stacking DoT, resulting in much more manageable damage taken as the fight goes on. The only downside is that you’ll be susceptible to Phantasmal Winds as long as you’re not holding the Eye, so be aware of this.


  • Very easy (at least on Normal). Just tunnel the boss while moving out of purple/green pools, and that’s it. The fight gets messier on Heroic, but it’s still pretty easy.

Socrethar the Eternal

  • Tedious, but not difficult. Start by nuking the construct, then switch to the spirit of Socrethar once he becomes attackable. You’ll need to interrupt Exert Dominance as often as possible to maximize your DPS time on Socrethar. He will periodically summon a Sargerei Dominator, which you need to kill ASAP so you can resume DPSing the boss. Socrethar will also summon squads of Haunting Souls: these annoying adds move quickly and will fear you for ten seconds if they touch you. If you’re quick, a Shockwave/Revenge combo can often kill the group before they reach you. If you take too long to kill Socrethar, he’ll re-enter the construct and you’ll have to kill it again to continue the fight.

Tyrant Velhari

  • When I first drafted this guide I placed Velhari in the Unsoloable section, due to the stacking debuff (Seal of Decay). The debuff IS a nasty problem, but it can be dealt with by having sufficiently advanced gear (my first successful attempt was at ilvl 885). With gear, the fight becomes a straightforward DPS/survival gear check. Flasks, potions, and food are your friends!


  • Start the fight by moving around the platform, killing the summoners as you go. Once they are dead, Mannoroth will rise from the pool of green muck in the center, and the real fight begins. I recommend tanking Manny with your back to the green pillar, since it remains in place until the final phase and will keep you from getting knocked off the platform. There really isn’t much to do until the final phase: DPS Manny, cleave adds if you can, and generally try to stay alive. When Mannoroth transitions to the final phase, the green pillar will get destroyed, so you’ll need to swivel around and face him toward the center. As long as you don’t get pushed off the platform by an Empowered Shadowforce, you should be fine; be sure to Intervene/Heroic Leap back to Manny after each Shadowforce and Empowered Massive Blast, so you have plenty of room.

Kilrogg Deadeye

  • Just nuke him. Don’t accidentally stand in the circles when he casts Vision of Death, or you’ll reset the fight.


  • Gorefiend used to be unsoloable due to the stomach mechanic (Shadow of Doom), but Blizzard fixed this in the most recent patch. The only things you need to worry about in this fight are the adds that fixate on you; kill them before they can touch you.

Fel Lord Zakuun

  • Zakuun is Patchwerk. Go punch him for loot.


  • I have a full guide for defeating Archie here.

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  1. Try archi as fury, just burst him down from 35%. If you push him to 20% fast enough, he will cast rain of chaos before banish, giving you the well needed seconds to spam execute

  2. Antinophelex

    Hi Matt,

    very nice guide. I just wonder how did you get pass the Faithbreaker’s before Tyrant Velhari. Every time they reduce me to 1% health and kill me (even from a distance). Can’t be kited (I dont get the HP back) and can’t be stunned.


  3. Hey I just wanted to say thanks for the guide, even as a ranged this was a big help.

    I will say also Gorefiend can choke…oy!

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