Soloing Archimonde

Patch 7.2.5 has been live for a week, and with it came a few changes to previously unsoloable raid bosses. Gorefiend is now soloable (though I’ve yet to try it), as are Hans’gar and Franzok (the change is not in the patch notes, but trust me, it’s there). Fel Lord Zakuun is still problematic (no mechanical changes were made, and you need to do roughly 1 million DPS to kill him before the first Soul Cleave resets the fight), and Archimonde still has his dreaded Nether Banish. But! Archimonde CAN be soloed, with a combination of good gear and carefully timed cooldowns. Here’s how I did it on Normal difficulty, in my warrior’s Protection spec (at ilvl 904):


  • Make sure to have all of the necessary consumables! I used 300 Mastery food, Defiled Augment Runes, Drums of the Mountain (for a ghetto Heroism), Potions of Prolonged Power, and Flasks of Countless Armies.
  • Ensure that your target frames are set up so that you can see Archimonde’s remaining health as a percentage, since the key ability timings are based on this value.
  • Check your legendaries. If you have the gloves, I STRONGLY recommend using them, as they’re a considerable DPS boost. Don’t worry about damage reduction-based items, as you won’t be getting hurt anyway. Archimonde trinket LOOKS like it would give some burst DPS, but in my testing Archie does so little damage that the explosion is only good for 130K or so.
  • Expect some frustration. Unless your gear is quite a bit better than mine was, RNG will play a significant role in your success. Keep at it!


  • Phase One: Just DPS Archie. You’ll get a single Doomfire Spirit, so kill it with cleave damage so you don’t have a ton of fire to move out of. You can’t avoid getting Death Brand, so don’t worry about it (it doesn’t hurt much anyway). At 70 percent health, Archimonde enters Phase Two.
  • Phase Two: Continue DPSing, with one catch: slow down at roughly 55 percent, until Archie casts Shackled Torment. Why? Because you need to move quite a distance to break the chain, and you won’t be doing much damage while doing so. Thus, if you get shackled too close to the Phase Three transition, you might be in big trouble. Archimonde enters Phase Three at 40 percent health.
  • Phase Three: This is where all the action happens! You have several seconds to NUKE Archimonde from 40 percent to 25 percent, which triggers a Rain of Chaos cast. If done successfully, this buys you a few extra seconds to DPS before he casts the dreaded Nether Banish. Once marked with Nether Banish, you have precisely 7 seconds to kill Archie before you get sent to the Twisting Nether and the fight resets. Thus, there are TWO intense DPS checks: 40-25 percent health, then 25-0 percent health. Fail either of those, and the fight will reset. Since two of your DPS cooldowns (Avatar and Battle Cry) won’t last the combined duration of the burn phases, I suggest splitting them. My strategy was:
    • Make sure to have two charges of Shield Block ready to go just before Phase Three, to get the most from Shield Slams,
    • Pop Drums and a Potion of Prolonged Power just prior to the phase transition,
    • Pop Avatar at 40 percent,
    • Pop Battle Cry at 25 percent,
    • Hope RNG is on your side!

Best of luck to you!

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  1. Not even the monk’s Niuzao, the Black Ox works against the Nether Banish mechanic and nor does the Black Ox Statue.

    Apparently the only ‘trick’ to allow you to progress through the Nether Banish mechanic is the Mirror of the Blademaster trinket from Hellfire Citadel; using it will spawn 4 (targetable) copies of yourself, which will stay in your absence when you are teleported away. You’ll have 10 seconds or so to get back to Archimonde however, whicj helps but is not a guarantee.

    • That trinket was, for a long time, the secret to soloing bosses with “phasing reset” mechanics. What always irked me was that only a few classes can USE it; my warrior got one a long time ago, but can’t equip it.

  2. Thx for nice guide – I got many useful tips from it.
    I just solo archimonde with my prot war 870ilvl on first attempt. All what need is just make sure you have always ignore pain active and remain heroic leap charge for prevent fall damage when throw into the air. It’s easy boss. In my opinion most difficult boss to solo here in hfc is tyrant(bot I also solo her with this war).

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