Note: like all Legion content, the Nighthold raid is not eligible for Legacy Loot rules, and therefore isn’t a great place to farm transmog gear. Still, it’s fun and you MAY get lucky with a loot drop or two!


  •  Bribe a friend to help you. Seriously. You can’t solo this. Unless you’re a hunter, I guess. Or a warlock. Bah. Maybe this will be fixed to be generally soloable in an expansion or two. This is all thanks to the main mechanic in phase one, Valarjar’s Bond, which makes Hyrja and Hymdall essentially unkillable unless they’re tanked at least 35 yards apart. Needless to say, this is impossible to do without a pet class. The rest of the fight SHOULD be soloable, but this mechanic ensures that you’ll never get there without some help.


  • (Normal): Guarm has a LOT of damaging abilites, some worse than others. Guardian’s Breath deals a large chunk of damage and places a debuff on you that makes standing in any color of subsequent breaths other than whatever you stood in for the initial breath a Very Bad Idea. Flashing Fangs is his big melee attack; have a Shield Block ready to go for this. In fact, it’s best to keep physical mitigation up as much as possible, since you’ll be taking constant double melee damage due to Guarm’s Multiheaded buff. Guarm will periodically leap back and run around the room with his Headlong Charge attack; just watch where he’s running and keep out of the way. Roaring Leap deals a pair of obnoxious knockbacks, so be sure not to waste and DPS cooldowns if this ability is forthcoming. FINALLY, Guarm has three “lick” abilities that can be randomly cast on you: Flame Lick, Frost Lick, and Shadow Lick. Flame Lick deals a decent amount of pulsing magic damage, but Frost Lick is generally the most deadly, as you’re susceptible to taking a LOT of damage while stunned. 


  • (Normal): An easy, if somewhat tedious fight. During phase 1, attack Helya while avoiding any green crap on the ground. In phase 2, kill all of the Gripping Tentacles in the combat arena (there are nine of them total). For phase 3, attack Helya until she’s dead. There will be adds summoned periodically, but they’re not terribly important. Helya will periodically cast Fury of the Maw during phases 2 and 3, which summons a large wave that will push you back and clear any patches of gunk off the ground. Each wave deals increasing damage, but it’s not likely to be a problem unless you’re taking a very long time to finish the fight.