Note: like all Legion content, the Tomb of Sargeras raid is not eligible for Legacy Loot rules, and therefore isn’t a great place to farm transmog gear. Still, it’s fun and you MAY get lucky with a loot drop or two!


  • Normal: this fight is all about the spikes. Infernal Spikes, to be precise. Goroth is a single-phase fight with massive fire DoTs, and the spikes are the key to keeping that damage to a survivable level. Sadly, many of the fight’s mechanics will destroy the spikes before you can use them. Here’s what you need to look out for:
    • Crashing Comet: unavoidable, and the splash damage will destroy spikes. Keep away from them when targeted by this. A source of fire DoT.
    • Shattering Star: unavoidable, BUT you can sacrifice a spike to mitigate the DoT component of the attack, which is advisable. A source of fire DoT.
    • Infernal Burning: Goroth’s big attack, used when he hits 100 energy. You will definitely want to hide behind a spike for this one. A big source of fire DoT, and it destroys all spikes upon detonation.
    • Burning Armor: this fire DoT will basically be on you at all times, AND it detonates every 6 seconds, destroying any nearby spikes. It ALSO gives you Melted Armor, massively increasing all damage you take. Fun stuff!
    • Did I mention that Goroth will also destroy any spikes he comes into contact with?
  • Your goal is to keep 2 Infernal Spikes up between each Infernal Burning. This allows you to use one for Shattering Star and one for the next Infernal Burning. You’ll get a brief warning for the emergence of each spike (signified by a small “earthquake” effect), so move the hell away from them to prevent Goroth from instantly crushing them. This fight is a real test of your survivability and positioning skills as a soloer!

Demonic Inquisition

  • Normal: you know how most fights with location phasing mechanics will reset when soloing? This one doesn’t. The main mechanic in this fight is simple: you have a resource, called Torment, that builds when you get hit by most attacks. At 100 Torment, you’re afflicted with Unbearable Torment, making it very hard to do any damage and greatly increasing the chance that you’ll die very soon. Luckily, you have an extra action button that casts Confess, sending you down into a prison cell containing a nasty… thing. Hitting it releases orange orbs that decrease your Torment; once your Torment is gone, the Confess button will send you topside and you can continue the main fight. It sounds messy, but the overall strategy is simple:
    • DPS the two main bosses until you hit 100 Torment (your screen will turn red so you can’t miss the effect),
    • Hit the Confess button to be transported to the prison cell,
    • Hit the beastie a few times, collect the orbs, and use the Confess button to escape,
    • Repeat until victorious.
    • You can’t avoid most of the Torment sources, so be prepared to Confess a LOT.


  • Normal: a total tank-and-spank fight. There are frequent waves of adds, which make excellent fodder for Victory Rush healing. Focus down the Wavemenders if you can, as they will cast Aqueous Burst, which leaves a patch of Drenching Waters on the ground and will give you an unwanted stack of Drenched. These stacks will drop at the end of the Draw In phases, but you’ll still want to keep this DoT minimized as you’ll be dealing with ever-increasing stacks of Jagged Abrasion throughout the fight. If you can keep your Drenched stacks low and maintain good damage mitigation, Harjatan will fall easily enough.

Sisters of the Moon

  • Normal: a long fight, but fairly easy (until the final phase). 
    • Phase 1: avoid the Twilight Volley zones. Switch moon phases to trigger an Astral Burn when afflicted with either Discorporate or Moon Burn. The rest of the boss’ abilities are unavoidable, so mitigate as required.
    • Phase 2: mostly the same as P1, with an add to burn down (summoned via Call Moontalon). The active boss will periodically gain a shield called Embrace of the Eclipse, which must be burned down quickly. 
    • Phase 3: Moontalon and the bubble shield are gone, but the phase becomes a DPS race due to rapidly increasing stacks of Lunar Fire. You’ll also want to dodge the bouncing glaives from the Glaive Storm ability, but these are secondary to burning down the boss.

Maiden of Vigilance

  • Normal: a complicated fight, reduced to a bunch of unavoidable damage in two phases.
    • Infusion: periodically, the Maiden will infuse you with either Light or Fel energy. If you make contact with the opposing energy type (via Hammer attacks or running into Essence Fragments), you will get the Unstable Soul debuff. This turns you into a living bomb. Unfortunately, the intended mechanic to prevent bomb damage (jumping into the pit in the center of the room) will cause an instant reset when solo. Thus, be prepared to take some heavy falling damage when you explode.
    • Wrath of the Creators: when the Maiden teleports across the room, she will start pulsing ever-increasing periodic damage while emitting Essence Fragment orbs. Your goal in this phase is to make your way back to the boss, pick up orbs that match your current Infusion (or at least avoid the opposing orbs), then do enough damage to break her Titanic Bulwark. Once you’ve done this, interrupt Wrath of the Creators and continue the fight. The berserk timer on the fight is tight, but I was able to succeed with over a minute to spare while doing puny Prot Warrior DPS.

Fallen Avatar

  • Normal: a relative push-over, in two phases.
    • The goal of the first phase is to do as much damage to the Avatar as possible while keeping his energy from reaching 100, as this triggers the second (and final) phase: I recommend using Drums on the pull. To do this, you’ll need to tank the Maiden of Valor in the green beams that are generated by the Containment Pylons. This is easily done, though you’ll need to do some careful positioning so that she doesn’t step out of the beam when you get bounced back by Shadowy Blades. Do NOT try to kill the Maiden, as doing so will result in the boss gaining full energy VERY quickly. You can ignore all of the boss’ abilities and just focus on DPSing him and keeping the Maiden properly positioned. Eventually the Fallen Avatar WILL hit 100 energy, causing both of you to fall through the floor into a lava-filled chamber and initiating phase two.Phase two is a race to kill the boss before you run out of places to stand. Drag him to the most remote corner of the irregularly-shaped platform, DPS as if your life depends on it (it does), and run out when he starts to cast Rupture Realities. You’ll lose a bit of DPS time when you get knocked into the air by Dark Mark, but it’s not a big deal.