Note: like all Legion content, the Nighthold raid is not eligible for Legacy Loot rules, and therefore isn’t a great place to farm transmog gear. Still, it’s fun and you MAY get lucky with a loot drop or two!


  • Normal, Heroic: this fight was MADE for protection warriors, with tons of adds that proc Victory Rush. Be sure to side-step away from Focused Blast, as it packs an annoying stun. Arcanoslash is Skorpy’s primary way of damaging you, and it inflicts Arcane Tether, which deals increasing damage until you move far enough to break the tethers. Shockwave does minimal damage and activates extra adds for Victory Rush fodder, so don’t worry about hiding behind crystals to avoid it. Save DPS cooldowns for his Exoskeletal Vulnerability, since you’ll do twice as much damage for fifteen seconds.
  • Mythic: the scorpion adds now explode and leave puddles behind, which is annoying. His damage output is obviously higher than on N/H difficulties, but is manageable thanks to all the Victory Rushes you’ll get to use. At ilevel 344 I hit the hard enrage at roughly 24% health, so I suspect some better gear will make this soloable.

Chronomatic Anomaly

  • Normal, Heroic: There’s probably a better way to solo this boss, but MY method is to simply burn down the initial add/adds then keep him in his Power Overwhelming phase until he’s dead. The ramping damage can get rough, but it’s survivable even at maximum stacks.


  • Normal, Heroic: FILTHY! Survival is the name of the game, as you will be taking HEAVY damage due to the near-constant Arcane Slash debuff. This is mostly an issue on Heroic, since his damage output on Normal is easily dealt with. It’s worth trying to keep most of the purple Arcane Seepage pools at the edge of the room, but eventually they will get everywhere. When Trilliax leaps into the center of the room to channel Annihilation, it’s easier to avoid it if you’re in the center near him. A word of caution: on Heroic difficulty, the beam changes direction randomly, and is easily lethal due to the Arcane Slash debuff. Don’t worry about the poison cake slices BTW.

Spellblade Aluriel

  • Normal: Not much to do, really. Pop defensive cooldowns for her Annihilate, which will deal more damage each time she executes it, cleave down adds, and stay out of stuff.
  • Heroic: same as Normal, but with one key difference. During her Frost phases, the adds will channel Frozen Tempest. This spell places a large icy circle on the ground around you, and slowly pushes you to the edge. If you cross the border of the circle, you will become Entombed in Ice, which is a guaranteed wipe since there’s nobody to free you. Thus, it’s best to group these adds up quickly and kill them FAST.


  • Not Yet Soloable. Yet another case of a stacking DoT that can’t be avoided, this time in the form of Searing Brand. This stacks FAST: I wasn’t able to survive long enough to see the first bridge section collapse!


  • Normal, Heroic: EASY. Easier than Skorpyron, in fact. Simply burn him down while cleaving the blood adds. That’s it!

Star Augur Etraeus

  • Not Yet Soloable. The stacking DoT from Absolute Zero is brutal, and can only be removed by standing near 3 other people that have it, which is clearly impossible while soloing. This fight looks soloable IF you can somehow push the boss to the next phase.

High Botanist Tel’arn

  • Normal: Difficult, but doable. The bulk of the damage you’ll be taking is physical (thanks to what will ultimately be 99 stacks of Recursive Strikes), so Shield Block is your best friend here. You’ll spend a lot of time rooted thanks to Parasitic Fetter, which can (will) be problematic if you need to move out of Solar Collapse or Controlled Chaos. When Summon Plasma Spheres is cast, you’ll want to kill at least one sphere quickly to prevent multiple simultaneous explosions. During the final phase (when the boss has split into three entities), you’ll need to do a lot of kiting to keep them from healing in the Grace of Nature pools.

Grand Magistrix Elisande

  • Normal: If you can get past phase one, the rest of the fight is quite a bit easier. This is due to the stacking DoT from Ablation, which quickly becomes lethal. My advice is to kill an Expedient Elemental (the pink one) ASAP, stand in the bubble to get a massive haste buff, pop all your offensive CDs, and try to get her to ten percent as quickly as possible. Once phase two begins, the fight becomes a simple matter of dodging Arcanetic Rings and interrupting Ablative Pulse casts (phase three).


  • Normal: Quite a bit easier than you would expect from the end-boss of a raid. It’s a long fight, so here’s my quick phase breakdown:
  1. Nuke adds, stay out of Fel Efflux, and dodge Liquid Hellfire.
  2. Continue to dodge Liquid Hellfire, move to break the Bonds of Fel, and quickly kill Eyes of Gul’dan. At seventy percent health, Gul’dan gains Empowered Bonds of Fel, which deals a large knockback: try to stay away from the edges of the platform to avoid falling to your doom.
  3. Move to the center of the room when this phase starts at forty percent health, so that the winds don’t blow you off the edge. You will periodically be affected by Flames of Sargeras, causing you to leave pools of fire on the ground; place these wherever you want. Finally, you’ll see at least one Storm of the Destroyer; simply move out of it, and Gul’dan will teleport to you when he’s done channeling.