Note: like all Legion content, the Emerald Nightmare raid is not eligible for Legacy Loot rules, and therefore isn’t a great place to farm transmog gear. Still, it’s fun and you MAY get lucky with a loot drop or two!

Nythendra (Normal, Heroic): Patchwerk. Don’t worry about the mechanics, unless the exploding bugs during the intermissions are causing you problems (in which case, just move a small distance away from them).

Dragons of Nightmare (Normal, Heroic): Just burn them down. If both Taerar and Rothos are active, Rothos will spawn Seeping Fog clouds: avoid them since they’ll put you to sleep for six seconds. If your DPS is good, you’ll finish the fight before you accumulate ten stacks of any dragon’s Mark debuff and fall asleep for thirty seconds due to Slumbering Nightmare. If not, try to pop any long-duration HoTs or defensive CDs when you hit nine stacks, and you should survive.

Ursoc (Normal): This is an INTENSE DPS race/survival fight! Stacks of Overwhelm and Rend Flesh build up quickly, and will kill you just as quickly. Save all of your defensive cooldowns for his Blood Frenzy, and you may survive long enough to kill him.

Il’gynoth (Normal, Heroic): This is essentially an add fight with two burn phases. Nuke tentacle and horror adds as they appear, paying special attention to Corrupter Tentacles. These mobs will apply Spew Corruption, which causes damage and makes you drops pools of corruption: these pools can make it difficult to move around when they become too numerous. Every add you kill will spawn Nightmare Ichors: bring these to the Eye and kill them there, as it takes twenty of their dying explosions to disable the Eye and open the inner chamber. You will have fifty-five seconds to attack Il’gynoth before Dark Reconstitution ends; if you’re still inside at this point, you will be instantly killed.  The add phase will repeat, and you will have ninety seconds to KILL Il’gynoth before you’re killed by Final Torpor.

Elerethe Renferal (Normal, Heroic): Don’t stand in purple or green crap. Cleave adds down in the spider phase. Don’t fall off the world when using the feather to switch platforms. Razor Wing does a large knockback and should be avoided. That’s it.

Cenarius (Normal): A fairly simple fight, really. Just kite Cenarius around the room to avoid being rooted by Nightmare Brambles. Your stacks of Creeping Nightmares will get very high, but the fight seems to be bugged as Malfurion rarely (if ever) puts down patches of Cleansed Ground to help you remove your stacks. When Cenarius reaches thirty percent, he will start attacking you with Spear of Nightmares, which does little damage but forces you to drop pools of Nightmare on the ground. This phase is a race to kill Cenarius before your Creeping Nightmare stacks kill you, while dodging pools of Nightmare and the annoying Nightmare Brambles. Enjoy!

Xavius (Normal): A fairly simple DPS race. At the start of the fight you’ll get put into a dream trance, where you’ll stay and fight until you reach full corruption. At this point you’ll be pulled back to reality and your corruption will reset to zero, and you will receive the Corruption: Descent into Madness buff (but won’t become Charmed when it expires). When you’re fully corrupted, you’ll get the buff again, but this time the fight will reset if you don’t kill Xavius before it expires and you get Charmed.