Note: like all Legion content, the Antorus raid is not eligible for Legacy Loot rules, and therefore isn’t a great place to farm transmog gear. Still, it’s fun and you MAY get lucky with a loot drop or two!

Garothi Worldbreaker

  • Normal: Easier than you’d think. The trick to success is simple: DO NOT destroy the guns during the Apocalypse Drive phases (don’t worry, the actual explosion from the ability is painless). The reason is simple: each time you destroy a gun, the boss increases his already considerable damage output by 20 percent AND starts using Searing Barrage. This means that he will be doing at least 40 percent more damage after you destroy the second gun, IF you survive that long. Thus, it is to your advantage to ignore them completely. You’ll have to deal with Decimation and Annihilation for the duration of the fight, but they don’t hurt THAT bad; you can ignore Annihilation, and run out of Decimation when needed. The most annoying ability by far is Fel Bombardment, which deals a good chunk of damage and tends to bounce you around a lot. You can try to outrun it to avoid a few of the impacts, if you want; I found it easier to just roll with them.