Now that Antorus (The Burning Throne) has opened and the 7.3.5 PTR patch is being aggressively datamined, we’ve reached the point at which all Legion content has been released (barring any pre-expansion 8.0 lead-in stuff). So, what is there to do? Rather, what do I plan to do while waiting for the release of Battle for Azeroth? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

  • Antorus. I plan to raid Antorus on Normal difficulty for as long as our current group of guildies+pugs finds it sustainable. As BfA gets closer, I anticipate hunting/paying for a group that will let me tag along for a Heroic Argus kill, so I can get that sweet, sweet mount. All of this, while periodically hitting LFR for transmog/AP/funsies.
  • Transmog! In addition to continually adding pieces to my transmog web site, I plan to keep collecting transmog pieces for use in-game. I’m very slowly adding to my list of “places I never have to see again for plate pieces”, but I also need to get just about EVERYTHING in leather/mail, as my Hunter and DH have terrible choices right now.
  • PvP. PvP world quests, to be precise. I’m not a fan of PvP, but I enjoy some of the swag that goes with it (mounts and transmog appearances), so I’ll continue doing WQs to get Marks of Honor and slowly level my Prestige.
  • Mage tower challenge. I’ve yet to get past the first phase of the Protection Warrior version of the challenge, even with a 940 item level. Maybe with some Antorus gear and upgraded legendaries I can power through it? We shall see.
  • Alts? Maybe, maybe not. I’m not that much of an altaholic, in that 90% of my play time is spent on my main; I’ve been this way forever. Legion has made it quite easy to GET my alts leveled and geared, but I just don’t enjoy playing them very much. My Hunter can be fun, and my DH seems to be more rewarding to play now that he’s level 110, but my other alts… I can’t stand playing my monk, warlock, mage, or druid; they’re just not fun for me. I think I just don’t enjoy the caster play style.
  • Soloing. Mythic Butcher must die! Also, I want to try to solo more mythic Legion dungeons and a raid boss or two. I’ve been able to solo Nythendra (she of the Emerald Nightmare) and mythic Neltharion’s Lair, but that’s it so far. Better gear = more solo boss kills!
  • Other stuff. This includes things like gold-making, achievement/pet/mount farming, and other such pursuits.

As you can see, there are a LOT of things I can and will do through Legion and beyond. I think that my diverse interests help keep things fresh and fun when others might get bored: when your end game is EVERYTHING, you never run out of good stuff to do!