I haven’t had much to report on the raid soloing front for the past few weeks, mostly because:

  1. My raid soloing gear is basically frozen at ilvl 901, and
  2. There are FOUR unsoloable bosses acting as gatekeepers.

Reason number 1 isn’t likely to change much, even with the upcoming opening of the Tomb of Sargeras: I won’t be raiding Normal or above, and LFR drops ilvl 885 pieces. I WILL be able to pick up a decent boost by upgrading my Legendaries from 940 to 970, though this will take a few weeks. Reason number 2 is completely beyond my control, though Blizzard has stated that they are making Gorefiend soloable in the 7.2.5 patch. Of course, this leaves Fel Lord Zakuun, Archimonde, and my personal nemeses Hans’gar and Franzok, but the devs have been silent regarding these bosses (even though I inquire about them weekly). So, enough blather, what does the near future hold for Cranky soloing?

Mists of Pandaria

Nothing much. I’ve already soloed every raid boss up through Mythic Garrosh, though the farming process will become faster with better gear.

Warlords of Draenor


I’ve soloed all of the bosses in Highmaul at every difficulty EXCEPT Mythic Butcher. Since he will require over one million DPS to defeat, I may not be soloing him until the next expansion.

Blackrock Foundry

Obviously, I haven’t been able to solo Hans’gar and Franzok on ANY difficulty, and this is unlikely to change unless Blizzard does something about their fight-resetting Suplex ability. All of the other fights are soloable on Heroic, and I’ve made a bit of progress on Mythic (Gruul, Oregorger, and Kromog). Mythic Beastlord is probably next on my list, as he is a DPS/survival gear check that I can’t quite make at ilvl 901.

Hellfire Citadel

With Gorefiend soloable soon via a mechanics change in 7.2.5, I expect to add both Normal and Heroic versions to my list shortly. I haven’t soloed Heroic Hellfire Assault yet, though I came very close last night. It’s not a gear check, but a coordination check, so with a bit more care I should be able to defeat it soonish. Fel Lord Zakuun is unsoloable due to the Soul Cleave mechanic, so I’m waiting on a fix from Blizzard for that fight; the same goes for Archimonde and his Nether Banish. Zakuun should be an easy solo if/when his Soul Cleave gets changed, as should Archie. I haven’t had a chance to try soloing Heroic Mannoroth, but I should be activating his shortcut portal this week, so I suspect he’ll fall after the next raid reset.


I have no idea if I’ll be able to solo any Legion bosses before the next expansion hits. I did take a shot at Normal Nythendra in Emerald Nightmare, and discovered that she’s a pure DPS race; it’ll take roughly one million DPS to beat her before she enrages and insta-kills me. Since I was only able to do about 500K DPS, this seems insurmountable for now. There also appear to be a few bosses with the potential to be unsoloable without changes to mechanics or outrageous gear levels:

  • Xavius: he’ll likely despawn and reset after sending you to the dream realm.
  • Dragons of Nightmare: you can’t separate them, so you’ll fall asleep every ten stacks. Surviving through each sleep stun might not be possible.
  • Odyn: you’ll never get past Phase 1 since you can’t separate the two sub-bosses, which means you can’t kill them.
  • Guarm: with 2/3 of each breath attack going unsoaked, I suspect you won’t survive long

At any rate, I can’t wait to see how things go once 7.2.5 hits!