Who am I?

I am The Cranky Tank. I play a warrior in World of Warcraft, I attempt to solo a lot of old raid bosses, and my sanity is questionable. My goal isĀ to document my WoW experiences and provide useful/entertaining guides and videosĀ along the way. Despite the name, I’m actually more situationally grumpy than cranky; The Grumpy Tank just doesn’t sound right to me though.

1909, 2014

Semi-weekly Update: September 19, 2014


It’s that time again! Time for me to blather about what I’ve been doing for the last week (or two)!

Raid Boss Soloing

After avoiding Dragon Soul for a few weeks (because, really, who WANTS to spend time in Dragon Soul?), […]

809, 2014

The myth of Mythic


… If I don’t lose any Twitter followers or get hateful comments about this post, I think hell will be frozen over…

Recently it was discovered that it will be possible to obtain Mythic Warforged gear from the Black Market […]

809, 2014

Drake of the East Wind!

Last night was a bit of an old-school raid achievement run. After getting Achieve-A-Tron purely by accident, I realized that I was one achievement away from Glory of the Cataclysm Raider! Unfortunately, the final achievement was Stay Chill, a […]

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