Who am I?

I am The Cranky Tank. I play a warrior in World of Warcraft, I attempt to solo a lot of old raid bosses, and my sanity is questionable. My goal isĀ to document my WoW experiences and provide useful/entertaining guides and videosĀ along the way. Despite the name, I’m actually more situationally grumpy than cranky; The Grumpy Tank just doesn’t sound right to me though.

2110, 2014

Cranky Tank Clickbait, Part II

You Won’t Believe These Things That I Loathe, But Please Don’t Send Me Hate Mail!
And now, The Cranky Tank reveals some true crankiness…


Gamer Gaters. Your so-called “movement” is based on despicable harassment and is more corrupt and disgusting than […]

2110, 2014

Cranky Tank Clickbait

You Won’t Believe These Geeky Things That I Like In An Unapologetically Unironic Manner!
World of Warcraft


Final Fantasy (pre-XIII)

Mortal Kombat

Street Fighter
Classic rock (but NOT any of the whiny protesty stuff from the 60’s, and I can’t stand The Beatles or […]

210, 2014

A Personal Retrospective of Mists of Pandaria


The pre-expansion patch is upon us, and on November 13 we will be leaving Pandaria for the greener(?) shores of parallel-universe Draenor (don’t ask, it’s complicated). This seems like a good time for me to sit back, reflect on […]

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